Monday, September 21, 2009

Who Are THEY and How Is It THEIRS To Give?

I am re-reading The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn, a book I have not read since high school (not surprisingly, as this is not a book most people read more than once. It's about the the Soviet prison system and how it was used to terrify and controll the population....not a cheery topic). In the first chapter, he points out that when people were arrested, they were submissive and never cried out. They were being arrested without cause but they just accepted it in hopes that it would all be straightened out. After all, they had done nothing wrong. It reminds me of my Word of Faith experience. Because we were so afraid of being blackballed as "Offended" that no one drew attention to questionable situations or cried out that they were being mistreated.

So just a little reminder: If "they" are going to tell you that you're offended for asking questions or that you are disrespecting the man of God by doing so, how is it their right to set the rules? After all, anybody can say "God told me so." How is holding them accountable a right that they can give and take from you as they please?

Why do you have to accept being controlled?


  1. GW you are absolutely right. WOF pastors are control freaks

  2. John, how many WOF preachers did you know that were controlling personality-types? What percentage seemed like controllers? WOF draw them, with Jim B. being at the top of my list.

    Also the "What Really Matters" blog has a link to this story called "Narcissism and the Dynamics of Evil." It's very good.

  3. All the pastors I know in Alabama(wof)or Wof wanta bes-are controllers and you absolutely cannot ask a question about anything they have said or done, if you do you are blackballed as rebellious and or offended. and every preacher in the area will know you because those preachers gossip about everyone and everything. when you visit a church and say your name, they know you and what you have done- so called done by that pastor. So you leave the wof churches and find one that will love you no matter what.

  4. Tony Cooke is about the only one, most of them are huge gossips and in heavy competition. That goes for the intenerates too.