Monday, November 16, 2009

They Think They Are Inviting Me To Church But In Reality, They Are Begging Me To Stay Home

It seems that-try as they might-to get me to go to their church, some people are continually giving me reason upon reason to never darken the door of a church again. The following is a short-list of just what I'm experiencing:

1)Invite me to church telling me how wonderful certain people in the church are, who in fact I know personally to be some of the most untrustworthy people in the community.

2)Walk into Booksamillion only to be so unfortunate as to over hear one dear fellow telling another, "...Honestly, we have probably the best worship band in the country..."

3)Post "live action" photos of the praise and worship band on social networking sites.

4)Rave to people, telling them they are "awesome" just because they get up on stage to sing. (I mean really, if the praise & worship team sat in the back of the sanctuary where no one could see them, would the same people volunteer? Come on!)

5)My former fellow church members describing their new church in EXACTLY the same overly complimentary way they described our cult when we there.

6)Fellow Christians HIGHLY ESTEEMING things of little or no value at all, and at the same time, seeming totally callous to things that are of most importance.

7)Some of my former fellow church members assuming the very same roles they had in our word of faith church.(They see themselves as being to the local church what the Medici were to Florentine art.)

8)Former church family forgetting my name when they invite me to church(because they never knew it in the 10 yrs. we were there).

9)People placing such priority on the local church itself, they aren't able to actually HELP anybody. For example, "I heard that your car broke down on the side of the road on your way to church. I would've stopped to pick you up, but I had to be at the church early to entertain all the people's kids who were working in the morning service." Or, "I'm sorry to hear about the family crisis you had. I would've called, but I was just so busy getting ready for the women's conference...It was awesome, by the way!"

These are just a few, but I'm sure I could add to the list in the future...



  1. Absolutely awesome post. And SO true. Why is it like this in WoF churches? Because everyone is focused on THEMSELVES because whether they will admit it or not, the lie that they believe is that they are gods. It's all about THEM.

  2. number 6 is my pet peeve!!!!!