Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Charles Capps Wouldn't Buy Any Green Bananas

It's funny the things that remind you of the past. I happened to notice some green bananas on a table of fruit in our house and was reminded of Charles Capps coming to our church in the late 1990's. He was preaching from his then-recent book End Time Events. I remember that although he said he didn't want to set dates on Christ's return, he wouldn't be buying any green bananas. It was meant to be a humorous comment, even though he all but said that the year 2000 could see the return of Jesus based some kind of mathematics involving the Jewish calender. There was much "year 2000" speculation amongst WOFers during 1999. Kenneth Copeland and Capps were on Believer's Voice of Victory at length discussing the topic. Everytime the topic was preached on, everyone would say "Now, we aren't setting dates here..." and then make reference to the book that gave reasons why Christ would return in 1988. After that disclaimer, they would go on to speculate on what big thing could be coming in 2000 (apart from Y2K hysteria).

It makes me think of all the failed prophecies I heard in the WOF. Anyone remember Oral Robert's "Wake Up Call" discussed at length by the Copelands and Billye Brim on BVOV? Remember Jerry Savelle's interpretation of a prophecy given by Kenneth E. Hagin Sr. during a family holiday dinner regarding 1996 through 1999. It was the beginning of a trend of annoying rhyming prophecy slogans: "1996 The Year of the Fix, 1997 Will Be Like Heaven..." (He also said 2000 would see miracles like we've never seen. I thought 2000 was a big letdown.).

I also remember a prophecy our pastor gave that was printed in the church bulletin the year we left. It was all glory and money and heaven, nothing real specific. Funny enough, the only spectacular thing that happened at our church that year was the exposing of a scandal that caused most of the congregation to leave and has resulted in one prison sentence (so far).

So much for prophecy!


  1. I still shake my head in amazement at how I believed all this BS

  2. I think they give you those slogans to keep you hanging in there another year so they can keep getting your money. I was always so diappointed at the end of each year because nothing they said was going to happen ever happened.

  3. I agree and I was also disappointed each year. I can remember times that we were told "Just keep giving and SOMETHING will happen." If I had my wits about me then I should have said "Something will happen alright, you'll eventually go broke."

  4. Yes, Billye Brim promoting Oral Roberts, in 1986 Roberts said god had appeared to him 900 foot tall Jesus that he must raise $8 million with-in 12 months or he will die.
    Richard Roberts charged DUI 2013
    Billye Brim 2012 Wednesday online meetings, praying aloud for $80,000 for the up-coming Branson fall meeting.
    George Pearsons EMIC asking for $100,000 to renovate trailers east side of church 2006
    yet Kenneth Copeland ministries has 31 natural gas wells pumping money $ 24/7
    fleecing the sheep